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Each year millions of people travel across the world for a cost-effective, safe, and high quality treatment. Thousands come to the Dominican Republic.

It is DoHealthWell® commitment to provide the best information to those coming to the Dominican Republic. We acknowledge accredited hospitals, certified doctors, high-quality service, and any actions towards strengthening the country brand as newsworthy.

We welcome the chain of value of the Medical Travel industry: from hospitals, doctors, nurses, facilitators, business leaders, the private and public sector, international insurance companies, hotels, spas, and others. As a result, we came up with our first media channel, dohealthwell.net. 

dohealthwell.net is an international multimedia information and news website dedicated to promoting and broadcasting the Dominican Republic as a Medical Travel and Wellness destination, by providing useful, relevant, and valuable information while serving the industry’s global community of travelers, related services, products, and businesses.

Do you have questions about a procedure?

Feel free to suggest any topic, submit a question, or share your medical travel story. In 9 out of 10 times, we will write an article about it and feature you.  Let us know at info@dohealthwell.net.

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